Futaba experiences the new epiphany one to she believed appeal toward man and you can regrets how its relationships came into existence

Futaba experiences the new epiphany one to she believed appeal toward man and you can regrets how its relationships came into existence

Futaba Yoshioka (?? ?? Yoshioka Futaba) ‘s the female protagonist of your own Ao Haru Journey series. She’s a second year twelfth grade college student whose very first love is Kou Tanaka (who is now-known due to the fact Kou Mabuchi).


Futaba are a substantially pretty litttle lady with upper back-size brown hair having fucks swept off to the right front and you will a little big fantastic-brownish attention. She will maybe not see the lady notice given that most “girly”, but she either tries to don makeup and you will becomes agitated whenever Kou Mabuchi tells this lady “it will not suit this lady”, and therefore she types of agrees with. Therefore, she does not most faith Toma Kikuchi as he is trying to give her just how female she actually is. Later on, she chooses to don cosmetics, lose some weight, and sometimes leaves the girl tresses behind the woman ear to possess an effective cuter search (disregarding Kou’s advice).

Futaba is often seen dressed in the girl college consistent consisting of a beneficial white top, removed wrap, a black jacket tied up as much as their hips, and you may a dress with leg-duration black colored socks and you will black footwear. Exterior college she always wears casual clothing, however, prefers using precious dresses, such dresses, pink t-shirts and you will t-shirts with several minds printed in it.


Into the high school, Futaba’s character have substantially pulled a change. No more women nor lovely, she attempts to generate herself come since ugly that one may – walking for the a not very female manner, dining numerous food and maybe not compassionate throughout the the lady actual research. The explanation for this will be that she was outcasted in secondary school by the all the ladies due to favoritism from new males. Calculated for household members inside the high school, she sacrifices the girl genuine, womanly worry about on her class mates recognition, actually getting close friends which have women whom don’t extremely care about the relationship in the first place. After befriending Kou once more, also Yuri Makita, Shuko Murao and Aya Kominato, Futaba learned to reside to own herself and you will face the country honestly. Futaba was good-willed, persistent, yet romantic and you will compassionate.

Futaba can be a little indecisive when it comes to what she need to do about the girl attitude for Kou. She gets form of annoyed effortlessly when she cannot determine how Kou feels or believes. Even after Futaba’s kindness, she will be able to become unpleasant sometimes when Yuri is attempting to be really personal which have Kou, wyszukiwanie her but generally Kou and you can Yui Narumi’s relationships.Still Futaba has actually good comprehension of one another people and you can factors including herself and you will a want to learn one another some thing.In a nutshell, she’s proficient at figuring anyone out. To be able to correctly evaluate both Youri along with her class mates attitude, With the knowledge that in the event that she serves otherwise does not operate in some situations the end result could well be crappy and easily visiting conditions toward proven fact that Kou is still kind and nice just far more sour from their present event.She therefore gets angry when she does not know a person otherwise disease.


Just like the middle school, Futaba keeps always considered that boys was indeed simply too rough and criminal on her behalf liking. On the petite Tanaka-kun while the simply different, she yearned to meet up with your better and ultimately mutual brief, sentimental moments with him – plus a decide to check out the summer event together with her. Eventually informing a child in her own college or university, Naito, you to definitely she hated boys within Kou’s reading distance, she concerns for their thoughts out-of their however, convinces by herself you to definitely he understands that he is unique. The summer festival appear however, Kou will not arrive. Coming back about june trips, it is acknowledged that Kou had moved to some other college in place of a phrase.

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